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WI Supreme Court Election

On Tuesday, April 1st, Wisconsinites will have the opportunity to elect our next state Supreme Court justice, a pivotal voice in determining the future of our freedoms, democracy, and voting rights. Here's why it's so important to get involved in this election and make your voice heard at the ballot box.

4 Reasons We Should Care About the Wisconsin Supreme Court Election

  1. The State Supreme Court has the last word on decisions regarding what is and what is not legal in WI.

  2. The 7 Justices are elected by voters. Their political views affect state policies. For example: In 2020, the Court did not allow then-President Trump to invalidate 220,000 votes from Milwaukee and Madison. In 2022, the Court ruled that election ballot drop boxes were illegal and refused to demand changes in the state's gerrymandered voting map.​​

  3. This election could change the balance of the Court. The Supreme Court elections are non-partisan, but the partisan leanings of the judges are clear. With a conservative justice leaving, the Court will be tied 3-3. This election will determine if the Court leans progressive or conservative.

  4. The 2023 Court will be dealing with key issues. Examples include: voting assistance for people w/ disabilities; gerrymandered or fair maps; local control of taxes; gun control and public safety policies;
    and more!

Meet The Candidates

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