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Souls to the Polls Wisconsin is a non-profit organization. We believe that voting is our collective power––a tool we can use to build stronger, safer, and more supportive communities. Since our founding in 2013, we have united Milwaukee faith leaders and their congregations to strengthen the voting power of the Black community. Since then, we have built relationships across the state, expanding the bloc beyond Milwaukee.

We know a strong voting bloc is key to pressing state and local leaders on issues such as affordable housing, education, economic development, gun violence, and governmental transparency. Together, we are building a bloc of engaged community members in our mission to channel our faith and bring 100,000 Souls to the Polls. Our votes matter.

Meet The Team

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Reverend Greg Lewis
 Executive Director

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Dale Dulberger
Finance Director

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Anita Johnson
Voting Education Specialist & Community Outreach Manager

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Matthew Mixon
Video & Media Specialist

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Norma Balentine
Volunteer Coordinator
Administrative Coordinator

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Bruce Colburn
Sr. Advisor, Special Campaigns

We are building a bloc, a community with power.

Our Mission

We Need Your Support Today!

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