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Petition: Protect Ballot Drop Boxes in WI

We need your help. Stand up against those who are trying to take ballot drop boxes away and demand that the Wisconsin Supreme Court protect our right to the ballot.

Sign the petition demanding that the SCOWIS protect ballot drop boxes.

Ballot drop boxes help ensure that voting is fair and accessible for ALL regardless of race, class, (dis)ability, or identity. 

Many voters with disabilities and older adults rely on the existence of ballot drop boxes. Many must rely on a friend, family member or care provider to physically place their ballot in the mailbox, or return it to their clerk or to a secure drop box. The prohibition on absentee ballot return assistance, and the elimination of ballot drop boxes, will make it difficult if not impossible for many disabled and elderly Wisconsin voters to return their ballots in the manner they have used for years.


Sign the Petition

Thanks for signing the petition!

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